Banks have loaded their marketing departments with messages about blockchains and innovations. They’ve got their internal teams occupied with POC’s and pilots with the most innovative technologies. With fintech’s including digital banks attacking vertical after vertical, can they embrace new technologies and business models fast enough to counter this threat?

On Tuesday the 23rd at the Metropolitan stage at Oracles OpenWorld in San Francisco, Difitek is pleased to join Oracle on stage on the topic of Driving Digital Banking Innovation in financial services with the support of the Oracle Fintech Innovation Program. We will discuss themes such as:

  • How banks can compete with digital challengers;
  • Defusing the internal bombs and how to embrace new technologies;
  • How to turn challenges into opportunities;
  • And generally how not to waste a massive amount of $$$ in the process.

Challenges are incremental until they are transformative. While the core of depository banking will never be a ‘winner takes all market’, certain verticals will surely see more disproportionate outcomes as technology allows more narrow specialization. Why is this important, well, in short you can lose entire verticals and lose entire service offerings, to specialized vertically focused companies. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts, as we share ours. We look forward to seeing you Tuesday at 5.30 pm in San Francisco!

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