Tuesday May 22 – Difitek organized, in association with Reed Smith, Prifina and the Grow VC Group, an exclusive invitation only event in Midtown New York. Participating were key industry leaders from top tier investment banks, technology pioneers such as Oracle, strategy leaders such as KPMG.

During this gathering, Difitek outlined the powerful capability of its API Back Office platform for distributed financial services, cutting edge fintech and integrated finance applications.

These capabilities include:

  • The Intelligence Layer concept – the possibility to connect cross-platform functions natively into real time workflows
  • Asynchronous processing and performance at enterprise level
  • Bank grade security
  • Business model revolution, with zero Capex and Opex on use

Use cases include:

  • Automating lending eligibility decisioning engines with hundreds of cross platform data points utilized in real time
  • Real time matchmaking of investors and asset classes such as property investments or mid market corporate equity based on dynamic segmentation and user generated data points
  • Liquidity marketplaces for illiquid asset classes for secondary trading applications, such as for fractionalized ownership in special purpose vehicles (SPVs), real estate or energy projects.

See the demonstration below.


The API Back Office is currently in use in Alpha with an initial group of selected organizations. Organizations looking to leverage this powerful back office platform, can explore more on the Distributed Alpha site: https://www.difitek.com/distributed-alpha .